Interesting Things Just For You: Emily Artful’s YouTube Channel


I know I’ve posted a lot of YouTube links lately, but I’m really not doing so hot, had some bad news that has us off balance and scrambling, and I really just want to veg and read or watch YouTube.

Today’s is Emily Artful’s Channel, and while I don’t care for most of her art, I do LOVE her stories and the tutorials she has.  Like, I’m BRAND NEW to watercolor, and so many tutorials assume I have more skills than I do.  Hers?  Not only are they beginner level, but she also doesn’t follow all the ‘rules’ of watercolor… and she explains why she makes these changes.

She talks a lot about her new baby that she dubbed Da Babe, and she has funny life stories that I enjoy listening to while I watch her paint.  Her style isn’t what I like, but how she does it is accessible to me so I’m learning.

At once point she has a video talking about her life before she started on YouTube and her drug addictions, and this was a hard video to listen to, but taught me a lot.

Her sense of humor is quirky and fun, and she makes fun of herself as often as she makes fun of others.

She’s worth checking out!