New Watercolors

I’ve been watching a lot of watercolor YouTube videos lately, and when I got my wellness initiative from work, I bought a few things to try them out.

Since it’s summer, the first one I did was a Kitsune with the red thread of destiny in a swim suit.  I love Kitsune and the legend of the red thread of destiny both, so I had fun with this one.

I drew the image on normal printer paper and then shaded the back so I could draw over it again and transfer it to water color paper.  Then, I used a gum eraser and lifted most of the lines so they were fainter.

Then, I painted away, testing some of the techniques I’d been watching, and finished by outlining it.

IMG_20190723_0004 (3)_bak

There’s a little sample area on the bottom left… in the future, I’ll be doing them on a separate piece of paper.

When I scanned this (Thank You to my mother-in-law for the scanner for Christmas), it came out very blue toned, and I had to brighten it with color correction in Corel Painter.  It’s still not as bright as the real version, but it helped.

Then, I drew a mermaid, because who doesn’t love mermaids?

This time I tested just a cheap set of Prang watercolors, and I was impressed with how well they worked.  I have a cheap chalky set a friend gifted me, a nicer set I bought, a professional set I got in high school, and then the Prang.  It was super easy to use!

IMG_20190723_0004 (2)

Neither of these watercolors are realistic, just kind of an anime styles to them, but I had fun playing around with them!

I had some problems with blending colors on the page, and I’m going to work on that.  I’m not used to watercolor – I mostly use watercolor pencil or colored pencil.

Do you do anything artistic?  What’s your favorite medium?  What do you think of these?  If you’re a watercolor artist, what should I focus on improving?  Inquiring minds want to know!