Being a Serious Writer

I’ve been having a lot of work related nerves lately, but my husband sat me down.  He pointed out that THIS IS MY CHANCE.

Working part time and healthy, this is my chance to be a SERIOUS WRITER.

Get that book finished and revised and PUBLISHED.

I have a cheap content editor available. (Was part of one of Holly Lisle’s big writing promotions.)

I have a computer program that will allow me to professionally format my novel.

My husband is tentatively willing to assist with copy edits.

I have taken a class on revision and have all the steps laid out.  I have practiced and revised one novel already.

I’m working on the best novel I’ve written yet, and it’s in a niche that happens to be selling well.

This is THE time, or so my husband says.

And he has a point.

I’m writing novel number EIGHT.  It’s time to take a project to completion at the very least, with full revision and content edits.

I’m at 55,000 words in my current novel.  It’s not unreasonable to finish it and revise at the very least.

Just a peek, I use Scrivener:

ocooch still waters screen capture for blog

So, I’ve taken Kristen Lamb’s advice: ‘Write five pages a day no matter what.’

I’m sitting down each day and writing AT LEAST 250 words.  Because I can do that in 15 minutes, and more often than not I write more.

I can’t tell myself I don’t have fifteen minutes to follow my dreams.

So I’m writing.


I’m doing this.

And I’m absolutely terrified.

Do you write?  How do you get your butt in chair?  Are you a pantser or a plotter?  What genre do you write in?  For those that don’t write, what genres do you read?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. You can do this. I’m willing to read and offer constructive feedback. Looking forward to reading!! You go girl!!!

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