Coffee, Tea, and Stevia, Oh My!

And now for a lighter post.

This last winter, I used my Christmas gift from Grandpa to buy several plants and a ton of seeds.  I’ll have to take photos of the basil and mint garden.  Just walking past it is aromatic and delicious!

Here are the potted ones!

I introduce you to my Coffee, Tea, and Stevia plants:



Coffee on the left, Tea in the middle, and Stevia in the red pot.  I’ll admit this isn’t the best picture – I’m in my pajamas and too lazy to get dressed.

Look at the Tea!  All those bright leaves are new, and it’s looking WAY better than when it was under my grow light.

The Coffee is just plain happy, and I love how shiny the leaves are.

I had three Stevia in the red pot, but it rained hard and filled the pot.  I tipped out the water, but only one survived.  Which is a bummer because the seeds are EXPENSIVE.  I got 15 in the seed container, and it was $6.

I’m happy that they’re doing so well!

In the main garden, I have some gorgeous buckwheat I’ll have to show you, and some of the sesame seeds came up.  I’m surprised – I haven’t done photos of my garden in months!

What unusual plants do you grow in your garden?  How do you pick what to grow each year?  What is your favorite plant to grow?  Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea, and Stevia, Oh My!

  1. It’s funny – I know stevia comes from plants, but until I read this post, it had never occurred to me that you could grow it at home! I just might try it!

    1. I was surprised when I saw it listed for sale! The packet was 15 seeds for six dollars or so, so the cost was ridiculous, but I thought it would be cool to try. 🙂

  2. Right? I was outside in a downpour that was literally flooding my house digging these three plants out by the root ball from their flooded pots!

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