If Only We Had Apples

This year, NONE of our fruit trees flowered.  We have apricot, cherry, and apple trees.  Last year, the apples flowered and we had a few fruit.  The apricots haven’t yet, and neither have the cherries.

It’s kind of insulting though that NONE of them flowered.  I mean, come on.  Was it that bad of a spring?

So we ended up going to the apple orchards for apples which is fun.  We do it every year, but I love going every time, and my favorite thing is their caramel apples rolled in nuts!  I can never wait and try to eat it in the car and my husband fusses about nuts getting in his car, and I promise to vacuum it, but I never do.

It’s just a fun thing we do every year, but it’s always such a treat!

We bought Honey Crisps this year, and they were amazing.  We got in early enough that they were all pristine but late enough that there weren’t any sour ones.

Perfect timing.

We did manage to land on Apple Fest weekend though, so there were a TON of people to drive through.  The orchard we go to isn’t one of the well known ones, so the people there were minimal, but we had to drive past several other orchards through throngs of slooooooowly meandering people.

Made us a bit testy.

There might have been swearing.

But there were apples which makes it all okay!  *smile*

What produce is common in your area?  Do you have events or festivals for it come harvest?  Inquiring minds want to know!