First Draft of Ocooch Complete!

Oh, glorious day, the first draft for my Ocooch Mountains ‘Still Water’ novel is complete.  Take a look at those smexy, smexy words freshly printed and inserted in their binder for revision.


It finished at 74,500 words or so, which isn’t a worry because I always expand dramatically during revision.

Printed double spaced, singles sided, as per Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel (NOT an Affiliate link but if you do decide to buy, let me know; I’ll make one) class:


So many pages!  Such writing!  Much excite!

I’ve already gone through Holly’s class once to do revisions, so I’m excited on doing it when I actually know what’s going on AND know how I can combine stages to cut down on time.

And all of the first draft was drafted on my Alphasmart Neo 2:


This baby has no WiFi, no internet, nothing but word logging.  It’s a huge help writing because there are no distractions.  Also, take a look at the lovely dog hair.  Tundra totally supports my writing.

So, yay for my finished rough draft, several months ahead of schedule!  *smile*

Also, the screen capture I used last week is from this novel:

blog scrivener Ocooch

The program is Scrivener, and I LOVE it.  Not an affiliate link.  This program is amazingly flexible, BUT you’ll want to keep in mind that there will be a steep learning curve.  I’d suggest ‘Scrivener for Dummies‘ by Gwen Hernandez as that’s the reference I’ve used.  Also not an affiliate link.

Are you an author?  What programs do you use for your writing?  What do you write?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “First Draft of Ocooch Complete!

  1. I’ve never heard of this AlphaSmart! What a great idea! The internet drags my attention away from my writing all the time! I write in Word, for the most part, on a PC.

    1. I wrote in Word initially before moving to Scrivener, and that was an easy transition. But now when I want to type things up that aren’t writing, Word has the monthly fee, and I’m not willing to pay for it. Foiled!

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