Found a Dog; Returned a Dog

This last Thursday, my husband and I spotted a Border Collie running loose around our neighborhood.  This was about 3pm, and we didn’t think much of it as a lot of our neighbors have loose dogs.

When my husband took Tundra for a walk later that night, he spotted the same dog, clearly unhappy as it ran up to him, and snagged him.


He didn’t want food or water or the treats we offered.  He just wanted people and to come in the house (which we couldn’t do because Tundra was flipping out over his NEW BUDDY COME HEEEERE!).

There was much wooing to be had.

So I made a public Facebook post in the hope that one of our neighbors would know who he belongs with.

I also called Animal Control for our County and submitted his information for them to put it up on their Facebook page.  The lady was confident we’d find his people soon – she said they often got a response within the hour.

Meanwhile several people commented on my Facebook, and one person tagged a neighbor I wasn’t friends with, and she said she’d call the owner.  I gave her my phone number.

A gruff gentleman called shortly after, and he came and picked up Buddy (his name).  He’d gotten loose on the far west end of town while he was shoveling, and they were very concerned!

Called Animal Control back so that they could update their post, and all was well!

It was an exciting evening all around, mostly because Tundra was climbing the walls begging to be let out to say hi.  *smile*

Do you have any pets?  Have they ever gotten loose?  Tundra got loose briefly on Saturday night (only the third time he ever has, and the other two times he snapped his lead).  He popped the door and then ran out to pee in the lawn where my husband caught him, no problem.  Silly dog.  How did that go?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*