ITJFU: Marriage & Motherhood YouTuber

I want to start the week out with another Interesting Thing Just For You from YouTube!  (And today I realized I’d been abbreviating it wrong: it should be ITJFY.  However, I’ve been titling that way for a while, the tags all match it, and it’s kind of cute, so I don’t see a reason to change it.)

I know a lot of folks have kids, are stay at home parents, or run a household, so let’s talk about Youtuber Marriage & Motherhood.  I found her channel through a low cost keto meal prep challenge:

youtube marriage and motherhood

She’s classy, cute, put together, and a real pleasure to listen to.  I’ve been struggling with Keto and my weight, and she puts such a positive spin on things that she makes me smile.

She covers a variety of house and home topics, budgeting, and cooking and Keto.  She also has a second channel covering finances at Moms and Money:

youtube moms and money

She seems like she’s motivated and hard-working, and I really appreciate how upbeat she is.  On top of that, she looks into the camera and you can tell she believes you can succeed too.

She has such a broad array of topics that I thought she would be of interest to ya’ll.

What YouTubers do you follow?  Are you a homemaker or stay at home parent?  Inquiring minds want to know!