Spoiled Little Birdies

Did you know that Sunflower seeds come in 50 pound bags?

I didn’t, until today.

I’d been buying 25-30 pound bags, and when it was snowy and hard to find food, I’d take pity on the little feathered beasties and fill the feeder, put up a suet block, and cover all the rails with seed.

I don’t want them to die after all.

The rest of the time I figured they could find their own food.



It turns out that my husband LOVES watching them.

He’d been faithfully putting food out every day, and then, somehow, we were magically out of seed!

Last winter, the bag lasted the entire winter and through the summer.

Today, I had to actually go and buy seed, and it only came in 50 pound bags!  It wasn’t hugely expensive, but still.

It’s contagious.  My mom has an entire bird HABITAT where hundreds of birds live because she fills seven or eight feeders every morning, all year round, including a good half dozen hummingbird feeders and grape feeders in the summer.  She takes part in Operation Feeder Watch and skews all their statistic, I’m sure.

Seed isn’t expensive.

And I’ll admit I occasionally watch them while I’m supposed to be writing.

We can keep feeding them.  If I have to.  I guess.  *smile*

Photo courtesy of my parents – not sure which one took this!