Just a Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peek at my editing. This is my second round of major edits, and I’m laying out what I plan to do next based on some feedback from my Beta readers and brainstorming with one of my closest friends.

The first image is from Scrivener:

still revising scrivener

The first round of edits are typed in, and you can see the old draft at the bottom left. I flagged each scene with a short descriptor.

Then, if you look at my in-process planning document:

still revising

Each scene has a short description, and from my check list, I’m slowly adding in, scene by scene, what changes I need to make.

So, this check list is still bare bones – I’m working on it still.

Here’s the old checklist:

still revising old checklists

You can see that I’ve already worked most of it into the novel, but I’m nowhere near done! Some things I’ve worked in I’m not happy with them, so they’re on the list a second time.

So, I’m still plugging along, even if you can’t see much from your end. *smile*