Celebrating Our Joint Birthdays

Every year I post about my birthday, and it never gets old. My mom and father-in-law share a birthday, and two days later I share a birthday with  my father-in-law’s dad. We were birthday presents for each of our parents!

I celebrated early with my father-in-law because we were only going to be in town that day.

I already posted that I made him soap:

DSCN4569 resize

I also bought him two books on identifying trees.  The more useful of the two is smaller and can be found here. It’s basically a choose your own adventure tree book – does your leaf have this y/n? If yes, then go to page, if no, then go to page… you get the idea.  The second book is just a reference so that once he identified a tree he could read more about it.

My in-laws had thoughtful gifts for me too.

We were forced to replace my laptop. (I bought it in 2014, and it was not as nice as the laptop I was replacing then.) What I didn’t notice though was that the new laptop had no disc drive!

I had a new CD from Dan Avidan and was SUPER STOKED to play it and discovered… there was no disc drive.  (As a side note, it was this cover CD, and I adore it. Check him out!)

My husband had to rip the songs for me to play on my computer.

But, my mother-in-law solved that issue:

DSCN4608 resize

Thank you!!!

I also received this book from my wishlist:

DSCN4609 resize

Hoping this will help me curb some bad habits and encourage writing regularly.

On the day between our birthdays, Mom and I celebrated together. I made rice krispie treats because I can’t eat wheat, and gluten free cake is expensive. (Note, I’m not gluten intolerant, I’m allergic to wheat. Totally different! I can eat gluten and some grains.)

DSCN4588 resize

I had fun and made my mom some soap:

DSCN4572 resize

Still learning how to work with melt and pour! The red/pink ones were a rose scent from Nurture Soaps, and the blue is a tea fragrance, also from Nurture Soaps.

I also bought mom two books by Auryn Hadley because we adore her writing and a big box of Off the Eaten Path snacks that she loves.

My husband bought me a purse from Duluth Trading Company that is identical to the worn out one I have.

And the shocking present?

My mom bought me a used KitchenAid Mixer! It’s white and from sometime in the 1990s. I haven’t tried it out yet, so here’s to hoping it works!

Overall, I think everyone had a good birthday, and I love sharing my birthday with family. *smile*

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  1. It was a great birthday and I got a new hip for my birthday, Amen. After suffering from April 22 with a right hip dislocation & the x-ray showed no femoral head on my right hip, I was able to get a right hip replacement finally on July 28th. Every move I made until the surgery date my right hip tried to dislocate and subluxed. It was nice to have an answer to why I was having so much pain. My husband and both kids have been wonderful helping me out.

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