GypsyFae Creations

I’ve expanding from watching Royalty Soaps a little bit. I saw GypsyFae Creations post in Royalty Soap’s comments on YouTube and have watched quite a few of her videos. She’s more restful than Royalty Soaps – I love Katie Carson, but she’s very upbeat, and some days that’s not what I’m looking for.

On GypseFae’s most recent release, I ordered this soap. You can watch her make it in the video, and it’s a glow in the dark soap!

And it arrived!

Opening the package:

DSCN4600 resize

She included a sample soap that smells wonderful and a tea candy too.

But the main soap? IT SMELLS SO GOOD.

It smells so good I ordered the scent for my own melt and pour so I could use this soap without hoarding it.

So good!

A shot of her label:

DSCN4603 resize

A close up of the glow in the dark firefly:

DSCN4607 resize

The top:

DSCN4605 resize

Such a lovely soap!

I already have it on my soap tray, and the only thing I’ve noted is that the yellow is strong and shows up on your hands when you use it. BUT, it rinses off completely.


Do you watch any soap YouTube channels? Do you like artisan soap? Inquiring minds want to know!