First Grill Out and Beans From My Uncle

For a long time, my husband and my Friday night involved going over to my in-laws and grilling out with them. We’d have good food and drinks and relax.

But with COVID, they’re self isolating, and we’re in contact with a lot of people through our job, so we’re limiting contact.

This last Friday was lovely weather, and my husband swept the porch and pulled out our grill.

DSCN4575 resize

And we grilled out!

I seasoned with smoked paprika, garlic powder, and salt and left them to sit in the fridge while the grill heated up. They were quick and easy! The steaks:

DSCN4578 resize

And finally, plated:

DSCN4580 resize

I didn’t feel like fighting with potatoes, so we had chips instead.  The green beans were AMAZING, ya’ll. They’re not store canned green beans, they’re ones my uncle canned from his garden, and they’re SO GOOD.

So we had drinks and noms and watched the sunset through our back windows.

Have you grilled out this summer? What do you enjoy grilling? Inquiring minds want to know!