In Which I Am NOT the World’s Best Cook

I’m not the world’s best chef, and that’s pretty well known. In High School my friends teased me mercilessly for burning a pot of water and for putting a fork through my middle finger when preparing a meal.

But I try.

I’m not afraid to try. The results are hit or miss, but I try.

So, for Thanksgiving, I intended to make crustless pumpkin pie using my dad’s recipe sans crust, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole.

I have made this pie before and cranberry sauce, but not the green bean casserole.

When I got the beans out of the freezer they were looking a little… rough. They might have been in there for a while. The recipe said they needed to be cooked, so I steamed them and they pumped up nicely and looked good.

So I followed the rest of the instructions for the green bean casserole.

Then I made cranberry sauce, using my mom’s recipe.

And I made pie.

The pie turned out fine. I might have eaten half of it before we even made it to my parents’.

So, then it’s Thanksgiving, and I bring my food over to Mom and Dad’s. (We can see them because we already work daily at their house in the upstairs office.)

We get ready to serve.

The first problem I encounter is that my cranberries have jelled. I make a liquid sauce usually, but this time for whatever reason it was cranberries suspended in a jello texture.

Iffy, but okay.

After my first round of yums, I’ve decided the cranberry sauce is livable and try the green bean casserole.

It. Was. AWFUL.

I just… I couldn’t. No one else had tried it yet, so I warned them off.

So I was bummed.

My dad had accidentally bought peach jello for the fruit salad. It uses orange. So he found some orange, made the salad, and then made the peach jello.

He tried it.

It was awful.

So he offered some to Tundra. Tundra wouldn’t eat it. He kept sniffing it hoping it would change, but nope. Did not want.

Joe snapped it up, but he’ll eat anything so… mine wasn’t the only awful thing.

I tossed the green beans during clean up.

The cranberry sauce went home with me, and I’m working on it.

The pie is long gone.

And that will be the last time I try that recipe. Honestly, I think the green beans were just old and that’s what the problem was but…. yeah. Not happening again!