If It’s Not on One Server Try the Next

My husband and I have been working with two of our friends on getting them their Griffons in Guild Wars 2.

It’s a laundry list of ‘buy this’ and ‘buy that’ and ‘complete this and that group event’. It’s the group events that have been the problem because we have no idea how to get a group to do the group event. My husband tried the looking-for-group menu for one event, but it was hit or miss.


We headed out of one location and into another, and we were sitting and talking while we decided what to do next. I opened a map to look at where we were and noticed an event they needed was going on, and we rushed over… but the door was already closed, and while we could see people doing the event, we couldn’t join.


The map prompted us to change maps right then. Basically, there’s a bunch of servers all running the same map, and when one has too few players in it, then it merges the server into another server’s map. When it wants to do this, it gives us the option to merge or wait, and if you don’t choose to merge, after 60 minutes it will force you to merge.

Here’s the thing though… events run on a loose schedule, so there’s always the possibility that if you jump to the new server then the event will be going on.

So we merged.

And the event was going on! We rushed in with the group, but no one knew what we were doing, and no one was in charge. We were supposed to kill the boss within a set time limit, and instead people freed prisoners.

Fail. *facepalm*

The boss won, and my friends received no credit for the map. Many of the folks involved were upset, and one caught my eye in particular because she was trying to get the griffon too. But, what can you do? We failed.

And then the game prompted us to  merge servers again.

So, we did, and the event was almost ready to start!

We ran in, and I took a moment to message the person from the last event to let her know. She said she was coming. My husband did a map-wide shout that the event was going on, but it didn’t look good. We had very few people in the group, maybe 7 or 8, and this needed a LARGE group.

We were swearing because it was doomed, but we tried anyway. I mean, what can you do? They needed this event, and there was no substitute for it, so we had to try.

And then a big group including a group leader surged in just before the door closed, and it was on.

This group knew what they were supposed to be doing, and we wiped the floor with that boss. I was giddy because it was so ridiculous to keep jumping servers until we found a version of the event that worked out.

So, huzzah! My friends were one step closer to a Griffon mount, and they did succeed on getting it a few days later. *smile*