In Which I Have Written Too Many Novels

I’ve run into a storage and sorting problem.

The first part is that I have 5 different drafts of my current novel, ‘Still Water’, and I don’t want to throw any of them out but at the same time where do I keep them?!?

Beyond that, I have written… 9? 10? novels. 10 if you count the comic I drafted and tried to make, but I generally don’t count that one.

What this means is that I have WAY too many copies of novels floating around.

So, a view of my shelves:

‘Owly’ (also called ‘Hooty McFlappyFlaps’ for lolz, but that title is too long), ‘Haughty’, ‘Fear’, and ‘Damp’. Two versions of ‘Haughty’ there.

The other half:

‘Familiar’, ‘Lost and Found’, ‘Damp’, and then it overlaps with the other photo.

‘Familiar’ was both a short story and a later unrelated novel, so there’s two of them here.

‘Remembering Rowan’ is the comic that kinda counts, but I generally don’t include.

The two novels I lost in a tragic floppy disc/magnet accident were ‘Kalerborn’ and ‘Shields of Magic’. I have a few printed chapters of ‘Kalerborn’ and some handwritten sections of ‘Shields of Magic’.

I’m currently working on ‘Still Water’, the first ‘Ocooch Mountain Mystery’ novel, which is the current storage problem.

Fortunately, work has a solution. We go through a fair number of envelopes in the spring, and we order them pre return addressed with stamps. They come in a sturdy box that, luckily fits manuscripts perfectly.

The box:

Needs labeling of course!

Label on top:

They stack nicely too, and look how well they fit!

Now, to find a safe place to store them where water and pests aren’t an issue.

How do you store your creative pursuits? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Maybe a dryer sheet in each box may help to keep mice and other pests out.

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