It’s Time~!

According to my planting charts, it’s time to start some of my plants indoors!

Here’s a quick rundown of the seeds I bought that I’ll be starting. The tomatoes including two I did last year that did amazingly well and the stuffing tomato to try out. Ground cherry not included in this planting::

And then the basils in a variety of lovely smelling varieties:

The herbs including mints, rosemary, dill and lavender:

And POSSIBLY the lettuce:

The last because it gets SO bitter out in the garden that I thought planting it indoors this year might be wise.

So, I haven’t time for it today, but I should sit down in the next few days and start the plants!

What are you starting indoors this year? Are there any plants you feel really do need to be started indoors? Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “It’s Time~!

  1. I start LOTS of plants indoors, some because they really need the extra time in our Zone 5a/4b setting, and some just because I like them to bloom or produce earlier, but mostly because I like succession planting so I can get the most produce out of the least space possible. A very early crop allows me to do more succession plantings. Lots of flowers, celery, peppers, lavenders are already up and transplanted. Today, I’m seeding the early and grape tomatoes. Varieties of cole crops and several other veggies will be seeded into 4 packs to go into the garden just as soon as they are up and hardened off…just a few of each to get an early harvest.

    1. I haven’t tried succession planting yet, but we’re in Zone 4, so I have to start a lot of things indoors. It’s still trial and error!

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