Starting Plants!

It’s THAT time of year again!

I ordered a planting guide to give me a better idea of what needs to be planted when. I found this one on Amazon.

We’re in planting area 4, so I just flipped to this month and read what I should be starting indoors at this time and what I should be planting outside (spoiler, no planting outside).

So I got out my pots and went to town!

I have way more seeds than I have pots or beds, so I’ll have to ask my husband for help to put in a few new raised beds.

I have all my glow in the dark pots and few bigger ones. I’ll be putting lettuce in the big ones and keeping them inside rather than moving them to the garden.

Moar pots:

So many pots!

I didn’t use ALL of the seeds – just started some from each category that should be started inside. This way, if it flops, I can still seed again or direct sow.

I tucked them all in my closet:

And I’m keeping them well watered. You can see the tea, coffee, and two sequoia plants in the back. The leggy one on the right is stevia.

I think I’ll need another grow light though.. this one is tall for the bigger plants, but I’m told it will make sprouts leggy.

What are you starting indoors? Or are you lucky enough that it’s warm and you can direct sow? Inquiring minds want to know!