My Favorite Author Has a Patreon!

If you’ve talked about books with me, you KNOW that when I say ‘My Favorite Author’, I’m always referring to Auryn Hadley. Her books are amazing, interactions with her are always positive, she writes SO QUICKLY, and her information on writing and publishing is a huge help that she doesn’t owe writers at all. She answers questions in Drunk Book Club on everything, including writing, and you can bet I trawled those conversations, every comment.

Well, now she has a Patreon, and there will be EARLY BOOK RELEASES IN IT. Trundle on over and look at the shinies, because I love that this is an option now.

Tier 3 is full – this is the top tier and the Patreons in this Tier get complete books early.

Tier 2 gets early glimpses of books to come that aren’t even formally scheduled yet, deleted scenes, extra POV, stuff of that sort.

Tier 1 gets basic updates, I think covers early, posts and conversation with the authors because you can comment on things.

So you KNOW I signed up for Tier 3! I was lucky enough to see the posting immediately and basically just threw my debit card at the computer and yelled ‘TAKE MY MONEY’. There were a limited number of seats, and one of them is MINE. I canceled two subscriptions to keep our budget the same, and I am STOKED about their content.

You’ll notice that there are TWO names in the Patreon: Auryn Hadley and Kitty Cox. They’re authors who are close friends, help each other write, write together, live practically next door, the works. Kitty is not as outgoing, so rather than have a desolate author page, Auryn and her share a Facebook Group and Patreon.

Auryn on Amazon:

Kitty on Amazon:

LOVE these authors!