In Which We Cleaned for Three Days

No photos, ya’ll, so you’ll just have to believe me. I had a friend planning to come and visit us at our house for the first time ever on Saturday. Super exciting, and I was stoked.

And then I looked around the house.

It was… cluttered is a polite term for it. Every surface was covered with stuff, but more importantly there was DOG HAIR EVERYWHERE.

My friend is allergic to dogs.

SO. This prompted my husband and I to go on a three day cleaning spree. I unearthed tables and counters that hadn’t seen daylight in months. I discovered early on with my own house and cleaning, that if it’s cluttered BUT there is a clear space it looks a lot less cluttered than it actually is.

I’m not saying that right.

It makes your clutter look intentional.

So we cleaned and sorted and put away and swept and mopped and vacuumed. I did three days worth, and my husband started helping on the second day. SO MUCH CLEANING.

But when we were done, the house looked NICE.

The garden was full of weeds, but that would have to do.

So, my friend came out and returned a bunch of books he borrowed forever ago, and I got to show him the grand tour of our house!

All three rooms.

I mean, there’s a bathroom too and a basement, but the house is 911 square feet on the first floor. There’s not much to see.

Then we went and I got to show him the garden I’ve been slowly building since 2013, the apple trees, the cherry trees, the apricot trees.

It was a real treat to see him, and he brought me squid jerky!

Do I like squid jerky? No idea! I’ll just have to find out.

It’s so rare that someone comes and visits us that it’s a real event, so thank you for visiting, friend-I-have-not-named-for-privacy!