Looking at the Campfire Website and Software

I downloaded a new piece of software AND paid for some of the modules on their website so that my chronicler and I could sort the data from my novels, so let's have a look-see, hey? The website is at https://www.campfirewriting.com/ and you can pick and choose which writing modules you want. The software is … Continue reading Looking at the Campfire Website and Software

Creative Update

I've been busy this last week, even if I was feeling pretty awful. I got TWO of Holly's How to Revise Your Novel lessons done: And I'm plugging along on lesson 8. And then, I've fallen in love with watching artists paint in gouache, so much so that my husband is getting me a set … Continue reading Creative Update

Story Bible

I'm working on a story bible for my Ocooch series. If you're not familiar with the idea, a story bible is a file, document, or set of documents that store all the useful information you need for a series so you don't contradict yourself. What color are the best friend's eyes in book one? It … Continue reading Story Bible