I have most of my plants in the garden now, excepting my replacement plantings for the potatoes.

The potatoes are not potatoeing, so I’m looking at putting in watermelon and pumpkins and such in those bales to try and loosen them enough for another try next year.

First, my green onions. I don’t want them to get bigger on the bulb end, just grow some of those delicious, delicious greens.

Strawberries! My lovely neighbors gifted me with a box of plants they pulled from their garden. I have two in tires, and the rest fill one of my GreenStalks.

I have two beds of tomatoes here, partially taken over by asparagus.

I’ve gutted the berry bed and pulled the old dead canes. So, it looks pretty bare right now, but I’ll be gathering up all of their escapee offshoots and replanting them in this bed. Meanwhile, the blueberries are growing, and I think that’s a boysenberry?

Grapes! I have to create some sort of structure for them to grow on, but they’re looking good so far.

Tomatoes and peppers here with a few basil thrown in. These are my most recent planting, so we’ll see how this goes. I’d originally intended for the peppers to go in a GreenStalk, but my surprise strawberries won out.

I left the leeks in to keep at it though since they’re growing so strongly.

It was a lot of work, but it’s starting to look good!