The GreenStalks Are Taking Off

I have seven GreenStalk planters, and this is my first real attempt at growing in them outdoors. I tried indoors, but without being able to drain the bottom easily, I ended up with fungus gnats that killed everything.

As a group.

I planted the bottom tier on most of them with a vining plant.

This one is primarily radishes and carrots.

Here are the strawberries! *smile* I’ve never had much luck with growing them from bare roots, so getting live plants from the neighbors was AMAZING. Thank you!

This white one is corn and beans, with squash on the bottom row – my attempt at a variant of the Three Sisters.

This one is a variety of things, all of them interplanted with peas. It might be too late in the season for the peas, but maybe the rest will grow?

This Leaf GreenStalk has all of my greens in it with onions and leeks on the top tier. These are basically every green I’m growing that isn’t lettuce.

This one is mostly root vegetables.

And my lettuces! All types. This is also a Leaf planter – they’re shallower than the original and come in seven tiers top height instead of five.

They’re all greening up nicely, and they’ve been easy to keep watered. I will have to remember to rotate them though, because I’ve been bad about that.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The GreenStalks Are Taking Off

  1. Very nice planters for your edibles. Yum. I can hardly wait.

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