AGH! Deer in My Garden

Today is my Friday Garden Update, and the only real bad news I have is that deer bit off the top of some of my watermelon and didn’t even have the grace to eat them, just dropped them on the straw bales and left them to die.


Sunflowers and chives are happy:

Buckwheat is growing – I’ll have to thin it a bit so the amaranth can come up.

I’ve staked and supported a bunch of things, especially my tomatoes. I cut back my asparagus from the tomato beds so they can breathe better.

My grapes have been staked a bit.

We gathered up all the escapee blackberry canes and replanted them in the berry bed.

Strawberries are growing well.

Green onions are BEYOND ready to be harvested, so I need to hop on that.

I started a variety of vining plants to put in my straw bales because the potatoes never came up, and do you know what happened?


The potatoes were coming up when I went out to plant them.

So I planted them in between rows of potatoes. These are where the watermelon came from that the deer ate.

Zucchini and cucumbers mostly in this bale:


The remainder of potatoes that I just put in.



The bitten off watermelon, with one survivor.

My green stalks are growing like crazy.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The lettuce is SO ready that I have to start picking immediately.

The corn and beans are doing particularly well.

And finally, my seedlings waiting to get big enough to plant.

First, the bitter melon and eggplant.

Along with quite a few tomatoes.

The cherries and currants are busy growing, although I had to free a bird from the currants’ netting where it had gotten tangled.

The apricots are starting to turn yellow which is SO exciting.

The apples are growing.

My radishes, for the FIRST TIME EVER are making bulbs, and I am delighted even if it means I have to reseed carrots after I pick them because they got so big.

How is your garden faring?