We Bought a New Freezer!

Our freezers have been full for a while, and anticipating garden influxes, we decided that buying a good sized standing freezer would be our best option rather than try to fit another small chest freezer.

We intended to trade the chest freezer it was replacing to my brother.

I went to the nearest Menards on May 26th intending to buy one, and they were flat out of freezers. There were only four left you could order in – one gigantic one that was the biggest they had AND $400 over budget and three mini freezers.

Options were not good.

I double checked to see if I could get anyone a commission for making my order, but no such luck for them. Sorry!

I ordered the giant one of course.

And it FINALLY arrived for pick up this last Wednesday, June 8th. My dad and I took his van to pick it up, we let it sit overnight since it had to lay down in the van, and then I scrambled to get it set up.

First, it was way too big for the space we wanted to put it in, so that took some finangling.

Then, the freezer we were trading it out for turned out to have been leaking… for a long time. There was an inch of mold and such on the floor.

I am NOT giving a freezer that will wreck the floor to my brother, who is renting. For me, whatever. I sent it to the basement where it will hold giant hams, coffee, and icepacks of various sorts.

And then I set it up!

It’s only two inches shorter than me or so, and I’m 5′ 9″.

Then I sorted all the freezers so that I have one vegetable/potato freezer, this freezer, the downstairs freezer, and the freezer over the fridge is now triage… as in, this needs to be eaten immediately items go there.

Left overs on the top shelf, meat in the very bottom, and you can see that I’m busy making bottles of ice for the downstairs freezer.

I’m expecting black outs during hot weather this summer, and while I can run my fan on a Jackery, I can’t run the A/C. So, I will use ice bottles in front of the fan to try and keep the dog cool enough that he doesn’t get hot spots.

In the door:

An assortment of items from the fridge freezer went here.

But there’s SO MUCH SPACE!

I’m excited because it means I can process and save my tomatoes this year.

And yes, if you’re wondering, we’re food preppers. No underground bunkers or anything of the sort, just food to hunker down in place, water supplies, basically stuff that will allow us to stay put during a disaster or if we suddenly take a cut to our income still eat.

I’m not a doomsday prepper, because who has the money for that? And the stress levels involved seem a bit much.

I focus instead on possible local disasters, which this year includes brown outs. We have a Jackery just for making sure our freezers stay cold, and we have a Jackery on the way for just running a few fans during the hottest part of the day.

So nothing exciting.

Well, I’m really excited about our new freezer.

Does that count?