Goals and Reality in the HB90 Class.

I’m working on Sarra Cannon’s HB90 class right now, and I just reached the goal setting section. So far it’s been eye opening, and she’s had us clearly delineate how much time we have for things in a realistic fashion.

She limits you to THREE goals, clearly stated, with measurable results. She says that too many goals splits your attention and turns into flinging spaghettis at the wall.

Maybe my issue is that I’m stacking too much on my plate and not focusing down enough?

Right now these are my options:

  1. Prepare Still Water for rerelease.
  2. Increase Newsletter engagement to 50/100/1000 subscribers by releasing reader magnets.
  3. Complete Publish and Thrive class and start Bestseller class.
  4. Write Girlie rough draft in November for Nano.
  5. Increase blog followers to 500/600/1000
  6. Revise Murky Water

I think right now what’s beating me up is I have multiple books in multiple stages in the works right now, so they take up three spaces.

I mean, there should be a way to reword them to make them one goal maybe?

The general topics are writing, classes, and advertising, although I feel like I should focus on ONE form of advertising, likely the newsletter and just continue posting on the blog per normal.

What do you think, ya’ll?

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