Kanban Board from HB90 for Quarter Four

It took FOREVER to type up all the post-it notes, but here is my completed Kanban Board from the HB90 class for quarter four of this year!

You can see I’ve narrowed my focus for the quarter from the ridiculous list of things I WANTED to get down to the highest priority/biggest impact items.

  • Outlining and Drafting Girlie – I intend to draft 50,000 words for NaNo and then switch back to revisions.
  • Creating reader magnets and onboarding for my newsletter
  • Completing ONE class (instead of working on all of them) and starting another.
  • Repeating tasks such as blog posts, tracking spending, and newsletters.

And hopefully now I won’t feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends. So, thank you to Sarra Cannon for your fabulous course – I finish day 7 this evening and I’m actually excited to start this quarter!