Sketch Dump

I’m practicing painting gouache over existing drawings, but to do that I have to first have existing drawings!

So, here are a few sketches I’ve done while working on how I want to sketch with these tools. Hamrib Art on YouTube gave me the inspiration. She does amazing gouache work over her pen sketches, and I want to do something similar.

I’ll put them in order, oldest first. The first five are from Grafit Studio’s stock art that I have purchased.

Not the best. Her face is at a weird angle, and I just couldn’t get it sorted.

Plus, she’s naked in the photo, so I haphazardly added a ‘shirt’ so I could put it on my blog.

This one, I think the lighting will be amazing once I paint it, but the sketch came out kind of cartoonish. She’s holding a light here, but it looks kind of like a phone, so I liked it. The box is awkward though.

Her eyes aren’t placed properly within the face and don’t line up with her other features.

This is my favorite of this model, but again, she’s naked, so here’s a post-it. She’s holding a light here, but I thought it looked a bit like a phone, and I zoomed in for a close up drawing.

And then, from Pinterest.

This is my favorite so far, and it was done while I was sitting and waiting for someone during an appointment, so it wasn’t the most comfortable way to draw.

I use my Kindle Fire for the images usually and put it on a small easel to hold it up, and then I draw with the easel sitting there in front of me.

What do you think? *smile*