Cleaning Up My Work Space

My desk got a little out of hand. I have a desk (more like a repurposed small kitchen table) I use for the computer, and a desk sitting by my Kanban board for projects that I want to do without the computer taking up space.

It was a mess, stacked deep in items I tossed there’ just for a moment’ and paperwork that needed filing.

I cleaned it up though!

Yes, this is a countertop on two filing cabinets. I love having the lip on the back to keep my stuff from wandering off and falling.

Next to it, I’ve recently resorted all of my shelves, so you can see how neat they are.

My writing resources:

These are primarily reference books.

This shelf has a lot of writing resources too, but also my post apocalyptic reading that I enjoy. I want to write a GOOD post apocalyptic, rebuilding book at some point, so I’m reading some. I already wrote one, but it wasn’t very good, and I didn’t feel that revising it would help, although I learned a TON writing it.

That was book number 6 that I wrote, and I was still really bad at it. *smile*

I’m excited to do projects her though!