Spring Fever!

Now, I’ve had all of my seeds purchased for a looooooong time, so I’ve been restricting myself on those. I mean, I ordered a lemon tree and bareroot strawberries, but those aren’t seeds.

I did order some Micro Dwarf tomatoes for my hydroponics kits though.

Anyway, I’d like to start my grape seeds soon, so I’ve rearranged my closet a bit so that I have four shelves with grow lights.


Ignore the sugar, that will be moved.

I’m waiting on an extension cord to finish setting up. Yes, those are cafeteria trays for a base for the seedlings to sit in.

I managed to kill both sequoia and the tea plant, so that sucks. Combination of being too tall for the grow lights and fungus gnats.

But the bay laurel, coffee plant, and vanilla orchid are doing well.

In fact, the vanilla orchid keeps wandering all over hell and creation so I have to keep twining it back around its pot.

The bay laurel though is busy busy budding!

It’s big enough now that I intend to plant it in the spring… actually, belay that. I just googled and it won’t survive. So I guess it’s a closet plant forever!

Closet plants unite!

Are you getting the spring itch? When do you usually start seed starts? I start in mid March most of the time, but this year I’ll be starting the grapes shortly because they need more time.