Friday Repotting Update!

My plants are getting out of hand, and I still have almost a month until last frost. *facepalm* So I spent some time repotting my biggest plants. And here's the photo dump! They've moved around a bit too as I shifted them to let shorter plants get light. Lettuces, blackberries,grapes. Peppers! They're blooming now, so … Continue reading Friday Repotting Update!

Friday Plants Post!

And some quick photos so you can see how well my plants are doing! This one shows my lavender just barely growing! The new plant on the left is a lemon tree. Lots of tomatoes growing! Two peach trees and a Honeycrisp! Spring can't come soon enough!

Seed Starts Update

Just a photo dump of how things growing in my house are doing. The lettuce: A single grape start! Celery and eggplant. Peppers! Tomatoes. Onions and Leeks.

Spring Fever!

Now, I've had all of my seeds purchased for a looooooong time, so I've been restricting myself on those. I mean, I ordered a lemon tree and bareroot strawberries, but those aren't seeds. I did order some Micro Dwarf tomatoes for my hydroponics kits though. Anyway, I'd like to start my grape seeds soon, so … Continue reading Spring Fever!