Chicken Planning

Since I pulled the trigger on chickens, I’ve been planning how to take care of them. I’d had chickens before, briefly, but only four and everything was cobbled together.

I want to do better this time.

Fortunately, after having worked with a coop, I have a fair idea of what I want out of one, and THIS is the one I picked out.

Note easy to clean under tray, the fact that it opens up entirely, and SIX nest boxes.

Now, I can’t have them free ranging here. Too many predators. So I’ll be building them a run, and I wanted it to be as predator proof as I could manage.

Meet… Chickatraz. It’s like Alcatraz but full of chickens! HERE is the design I picked, and a photo from their site:

Ya’ll, if I build this right, nothing’s getting in, and nothing’s getting out! Plus, this run is tall enough that I can walk, stooped, inside. It won’t be comfortable, but the previous chickens had a tractor run I didn’t fit inside.

I’m so excited!

We bought the cattle panels for this coop this week, which involved transporting them strapped to the top of a minivan which was an experience, let me tell you.

We passed a guy on a side by side who was judging our life choices SO hard.

Anyway, lots to do yet, and the time will pass faster than I expect!

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    1. One little, two little, three little chickens, four little, five little, six little chickens, seven little, eight little, nine little chickens. LAY SOME EGGS ALREADY!

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