Seed Starts – Grapes

It’s that magical time of year when the earliest seed starts are due. 12 weeks out from last frost!

There’s a few different varieties I started, but the biggest one was the grapes.

Last year, my neighbor gave me a huge bag of delicious grapes that I made jelly out of. The next day I went over and asked for just another handful for seeds.

They’ve been in my fridge, and it was time to get the seeds, sort them, and start them.

This involves picking through half fermented/half rotted grapes to get the seeds out, cleaning them, doing the float test to see which ones were good, and planting them.

The starts:

The grapes are the purple and blue ones on the top shelf.

I thought they started right away and was super excited… until I realized some rodent had stored corn and sunflower seeds in my potting soil.

So, I’ve been pulling those as soon as they pop up.

Cross your fingers that they start!