SD Attractions: Press Start Bar/Arcade/Pizza Parlor/Dance Club

After we visited the Mammoth Site, we took a break and then spent the evening at Press Start.

This place was so much fun. My husband LOVED it.

It’s a bar AND an arcade with a wide variety of games over two levels.

AND a pizza parlor with a wood stove you can watch them bake in.

AND at the end of the night a dance club. Security came in and came around and carded everyone still in the building and stamped their hands.

I didn’t take any photos and mostly sat and read, but the staff were amazing, and it was a lot of fun to watch my husband and best friend geek out over all the shiny arcade games.

I did watch one guy play Guitar Hero on a monitor near where I was sitting, and that was entertaining. At one point he played the opening to Neon Genesis Evangelion and my head popped up – he laughed.

How to say you’re an anime fan without saying your an anime fan. *smile*

You can find it HERE online.

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