Second Student Loan Paid!

I went to the University of Wisconsin, Madison, so I have student loans.

When I first got SSDI, I received a lump payment and used it to clear all my credit cards, set up an emergency fund, and paid my smallest student loan off. That loan was directly through the University when I had a health crisis and nearly died, and it covered my rent and bills while I recovered and continued to go to school.

The second smallest loan was originally for $12,000, and I’ve been paying monthly on it. The original loan was made with my grandparents, both deceased, so I wanted to clear it next so there was nothing hanging in their names.

Well, I made what I thought was a final payment on my second student loan, and I was so excited… only to find the next day that I owed SIX CENTS.


So I paid that immediately, even though making a payment that small felt silly.

Today, though, I got my pay off letter!

The loan was originally through Associated Bank, then moved to Great Lakes, then moved to Firstmark. I chased it through all through lenders to ensure I didn’t fall behind.



So exciting.

I have two student loans left to the tune of $36,000 total, so I have a long way to go, but at least I’m down to two loans instead of the original four!