Officially On a Content Editor’s Schedule!

When I published my first novel, I didn’t have the money, after all the $3000+ in expenses, to hire a content editor, so I muddled along with beta readers and a proof reader.

This was a mistake. I’m not 100% happy with the result.

Now that I’m revising book two, I want to get it Content Edited, Copy Edited, and Proofread and produce a professional product, ya’ll.

And if I’m doing it for book two, you’d better believe I’m doing it for book one!

I’m on Auryn Hadley’s Facebook Group ‘Literary Army’, and she’s very kind and sometimes answers writing questions posted by new authors.

In one of those posts, another author gushed about how happy she was with her editor, so of course I asked who she was working with.

She goes through CB Editing Services, as does Erica Woods who is an author I love. Plus this editor does longer books – one of Erica Woods’ is 198,000 words. My first book is only 114,000, which is long for the genre but not bad. However, book two will be around 140,000 which is twice normal length. This editor seems cool with long novels, so positive signs all around.

Plus, she already prefers genres I work in.

So I went through my budget, calculated how much it would cost based on the estimates given on the site, and then reached out to the editor.

She has since gotten back to me, and I’m on her schedule for October, which gives me plenty of time to revise book two, sweep changes I have to make into book one, and start drafting book three.


I’m SO stoked, ya’ll!

It’s so far out because most of her slots are for shorter books, so that’s the first large enough opening.

Which is fine, I don’t mind!

What good news do you have lately?

2 thoughts on “Officially On a Content Editor’s Schedule!

  1. Whoa, that’s some pretty amazing effort you’re putting into your books. I know I should probably get a professional to look through my books, but it’s not something I’m willing to spend money on just yet. It shows just how much of your soul you’re pouring into your projects, and that’s so inspiring. Wishing you all the best!

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