Character Artwork Complete: Guess Who?

First of all, here’s a close up of the eyes.

If you’re one of the five people who have read my book, you can try guessing.

Did you guess… one of the twins?

It’s Rowan!

The lovely artists at Unreal Studio Works have finished another character art piece from the set I ordered waaaaay back in November.

I should note that this was prior to realizing the depths of my finance disaster, and I agreed to pay it in parts over four months with one character being completed each month.

This artwork was hard in that I had to go back and forth with the artist several times before we hammered it out. He looked too old in the initial, and way to young on the second.

This one is a good balance.

The artist was SO PATIENT with me, and I knew Rowan would be hardest to pin down.

This is the same artist who did Hakon:

And my second book cover:

He’s amazing and so nice.

I’m really happy that I have a chance to work with him!

What am I doing with these, you might wonder?

I’m looking at making some VERY unique swag, so you’ll have to wait and see! *smile*

One thought on “Character Artwork Complete: Guess Who?

  1. flutter, flutter goes my heart. I had thought Hakon was my favorite but looking at Rowan, you are making this hard. Love the new book cover too!!

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