I Loathe Intake Appointments

I have a new Doctor, which is all well and fine, except that means I had to have an intake appointment.

The Doctors we saw at our previous clinic kept leaving due to conflicts with administration, and we got sick of it.  So, I set up an appointment with the same doctor my husband, parents, brother see.

Why do I hate intake appointments?

It’s simple.

My medical history is SO ridiculous that it sounds like I make it up, and I hate rehashing it and seeing eyebrows climb.  And this is JUST my medical history, not my family history, or any of the stuff I have to rehash with new shrinks.

Shingles… as a child.

Diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome as a child… fortunately before this became a popular diagnosis so that gives it some validity.

Rare form of Bipolar. Check.

Injection site abscess from wisdom teeth removal leading to massive infection and sepsis. Check.

Megacolon to the point of hospitalization. Check.  And continuing problems with this.

Herniated disc in my back in my twenties. Check.

Suicide attempts that make doctors refuse to take me seriously. Check.  As if these weren’t OVER  A DECADE ago.

Rare med interactions. Check.

Rare food allergies. Check.

Family history of cancer in their late twenties early thirties. Check.

It’s just SO MUCH.

It sound like I’m just making it up, and I hate covering it!

This doctor though was very patient and didn’t make THAT Judgy McJudgerson face that I loathe.  So that wasn’t too bad.

But anyway, I’m done with intake, and she set up two referrals.

One to Gastro for a colonoscopy.  Not looking forward to that.

One to Allergy for allergy shots.  FINALLY.  I already have that appointment set up.

So, I guess I  stressed too much over this appointment in advance, because it was actually pretty reasonable.  But I was REALLY stressed leading up to it!

Have you had to switch doctors lately?  What’s the worst part for you?  Do you have a ridiculously extensive medical history?  Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “I Loathe Intake Appointments

  1. Hah! No new doctors lately, but I met with a dietician who was very nice! But had no idea, except to suggest carbs, except carbs don’t work that way for me. (Problem I went in for: When I go more than a few hours between meals, I turn into an unhappy ice cube, with a body temp around 95 degrees. Nobody has had an answer yet, I’ve ordered a blood glucose tester so I can see if it’s low blood sugar.)
    She was super-nice, but obvious a bit bowled over by all the components of why I eat the way I do, food allergies, mental illness, a body that doesn’t handle carbs right, etc.

  2. I’ve been looking at those rolls… I’ll have to give them another try. The first time I made them, they were purple!

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