A Front Moved Through and It Was Awful

We had a spat of nice, spring weather, and I was loving it… until a front moved through.

Because Wisconsin.

Temperatures dropped.

The wind picked up.

I had a combination of an allergy and pressure based headache and miserable joint aches that I could barely think through.

It was awful.

I ended up taking a sick day, going to my parents’ house, and sitting in front of their fire because wood stoves are AMAZING for that type of thing.

It was nice to see my parents.

It was nice to be warm.

It was just all around nice.

So, I feel guilty for taking the day, but I’m really happy I had a chance to feel better.

Does the weather affect you?  My joints are really sensitive to temperature changes, and they can really hurt, especially when I’m at an Outreach location with poor insulation, low temperatures, and a pathetic portable heater.

What do you do to survive weather changes?  Inquiring minds want to know!

One thought on “A Front Moved Through and It Was Awful

  1. I get pressure change funky too! Sometimes it manifests as a headache but more often I feel like I’m coming down with the flu. It’s really crazy how real it is. I sympathize, but that wood fire sounds DIVINE.

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