Our Trees are Blooming!

We have a flowering tree in the front lawn that is GORGEOUS right now!

And my lilac has bloomed.

I think the tree out front is a crab apple, but I’m not 100% sure:


There were lovely drifts of pink petals on the ground, but I didn’t think to take a photo of them before it rained.

And a close up:


And my husband brought this in for me:


He’s so sweet!  I love how lilac smells, but I had to dis-invite a few creepy crawlies.

My apple trees, cherry bushes, and apricot trees haven’t bloomed, but  I’m crossing my fingers!

How does it look where you are?  It was 80 degrees on Friday!  Are lots of things blooming?  What are your favorite flowers?  Do you have allergies?  Inquiring minds want to know!

3 thoughts on “Our Trees are Blooming!

  1. Wow! You aren’t lying,lol! The tree that’s blooming all of those pink flowers is just gorgeous! And I’m SO jealous of all of your fruit trees. Can’t wait to see what you get to harvest!

  2. The crab apple trees are beautiful!! I didn’t know you had white lilacs? Pretty flowers. enjoy.

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