Sneaky Little Blossoms

The first sign I had that my Tea plant was flowering was the pair of fallen blooms underneath it.

DSCN4289 resize

Which startled me because it’s January.

So I poked around a little more and found that this plant likes to hide its blossoms under leaves for the most part.

DSCN4287 resize

This is unfortunate because we don’t have any bees in our house, and I doubt they self pollinate.

So, I dipped my finger in each blossom, fallen ones too, and spread the pollen on everything that looked like a flower.

Here’s to hoping!

The plant is looking kind of rough – it doesn’t like being in the house.  And, yes, it’s in a mixing bowl.  When we had the flooding in September, their pots turned into soup, and my attempt to pour out water dislodge the plants.

So I rescued it’s soaked self and stuck it in the first container I found.

Now, the pots are still full of water AND frozen outside, so I have to figure out what to do.

The tea plant REALLY liked being outside, so I’m hoping it will last until spring!

Do you grow indoor plants?  What advice do you have for overwintering plants?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*