Meal Prep!

I fell off the Keto Wagon for Valentines, and I’m making up for it with meal prep!

In on of the Facebook Groups I follow, someone doing Dirty Keto showed how they use pre-made spice mixes to meal prep.

This is a fabulous idea.  I almost never like what I cook, but I DO like the pre-made spice mixes.

So for the first of my meal preps, I split up chicken breasts into baggies with the mixes:

DSCN4316 resize

I labeled them so there would both be no surprises and so I could buy the mixes again.  Then they went into the freezer.  This way, I can throw a crock pot on in the morning with them and walk away.

This are what I used:

DSCN4317 resize

The one on the top left is Great Value, Walmart brand.

Then I threw a roast in the oven:

DSCN4319 resize

Just Nature’s Seasonings and Mrs. Dash on it, and once it was cooked, I cut it into slices for sandwiches for my husband.

Then I set up a crock pot:

DSCN4322 resize

There’s just two carrots and four or five sticks of celery in there.

I used this mix:

DSCN4321 resize

Once it was done, I filled plastic containers with it and froze them.

And, finally, I made Crack Slaw!  You can find the awesome recipe here.  It’s really good hot or cold, and I froze it in individual baggies.

DSCN4326 resize

Altogether, this took around an hour and a half.  Cutting the stew meat took the longest so far as the hands on part, and the crock pot was done around midnight.

Only one recipe, really, and it was all fast, easy, and straightforward.  I’ll let you know how the chicken goes!

Do you do meal preps?  What type of easy meals do you turn to when you’re busy?  Inquiring minds want to know!