A Greenhouse and a Surprise!

I sometimes spend time browsing our local Facebook buy/sell/trades, and in 2019 or so, I found an ad for a greenhouse, in box, never opened.

Of course I bought it. I think it was ~$50. At the time, the woman I bought it from said they’d bought it for her mom three years ago, and her mom never opened it.

I laughed, because how silly is that.

Fast forward to 2021 when I finally decide to open the box and assemble it after 2 years of sitting in my garage.


Here’s a photo of the box:

It looks like it’s a little greenhouse, right? I mean the box wasn’t that big, so I thought it was small.

I started assembling it in my living room:

And quickly discovered there really wasn’t enough space, even with moving furniture around:

So I moved it outside and finished it there:

Getting the cover on by myself on a windy day was difficult, but I managed:

And then I tied it in place on the frame and zipped it shut:

You know what this greenhouse is not?


It’s not small.

So, I got the better end of the deal since these aren’t cheap. I’m happy with it!

It was immediately clear that any sort of wind would carry it off, so I stuck a box of pots and pans destined for the curb in it.

And then forgot about it until yesterday.

I stepped outside to start work on the garden, and there was a violent flurry of wings in my greenhouse! I opened it, untangled the Downy Woodpecker, and shooed it off.

It flew off in a huff, so I’m hoping it wasn’t in there long. I can only imagine that it was looking for yums, and the greenhouse cover didn’t quite reach the ground, so it climbed up inside. It was in the top section when I found it.

Silly bird.

I’m leaving the door open for right now. When it warms up enough, I’ll start putting plants outside for the day!

Do you have any sort of greenhouse or area to harden out your plants? Inquiring minds want to know!