I Made Bread!

No, this is not gluten free bread.

Instead, this is me testing my End of the World supplies. Like, if you’re storing them? Please check to make sure you know how to use them or they’re useless to you in an emergency!

In this case I have wheat berries and a wheat grinder.

So I needed a bread recipe.

But I do this in stages. I don’t go full bore on grinding my wheat flour right away. If the recipe works then, I won’t know if it’s the recipe, my grinding, the yeast, the room temperature or what that didn’t work.

So I found an easy recipe to try on ‘Life as a Strawberry’, and it’s their Easy Crusty French Bread.

Straightforward, no kneading.

Lots of notes explaining what to do when things inevitably go wrong.

Overall, it was a success.

The house was too cold – it barely rose until my husband thought to put it next to the register in the bathroom.

But it tasted fantastic!

Yes, I know it’ll make me sick to eat it, but if the world has ended GF flour is going to be hard to get. And wheat berries last FOREVER practically.

The Dutch oven is red, and you can see that it darkened to an alarming dark red shade. But when it cooled it was fine. Here’s the first peak:

And revealed:

I should have taken a photo from the side! But I wanted to show the golden crust, and that’s what I took. I didn’t even take photos of slices, which is sad.

But it’s very dense, and only a few inches thick.

So, we’ll try again!

One thought on “I Made Bread!

  1. Lovely! I just got into baking, and bread looks to be a tough one. I can totally relate to baking something dense, and making notes and doing it again. Here’s to an even better second try!

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