SOME DOG Ate My Tomatoes – A Solution

We have a very large Alaskan Malamute, and his FAVORITE FOOD EVAH is tomatoes.

When my tomatoes weren’t ripe yet, all was well, but he figured out that there were some red ones, and this happened:

Look at this mess. It’s a dog sized area that is 100% flattened.

So, my husband looked over the lead situation, and he decided to build a gate!

It hooks to the wall:

And then it folds back neatly, and a magnet grabs the hook to hold it in place.

This way we can carry things up and down the stairs without it sticking out to catch on things.

Isn’t it nice? I’m so happy!

I’m thinking of painting it. My husband thinks we should pressure wash the deck and stain it all the same color, but wonder if painting it white wouldn’t be cute.

It’ll be a while before either happens, but what do you think?