Setting Up for Spring!

The first three green stalks are up and ready!

The brown ones are leafs and the white one is an original.

Up close, you can see how the planting areas nest:

I have four more to fill, and I have to clear the existing beds, but then I’ll be ready to plant once it warms up! Of course I’m treating the straw bales so they start to compost for me. Treatments are daily, and I should see results where I can plant in about 15 days.

My closet is FULL TO THE BRIM of plants!

I sorted the tomatoes so that the tallest ones are in the center, and the small ones and reseeds get more sun now.

They’re SO ready to go out! It’ll be some time yet, and then they’ll harden off in the green house before I actually plant them.

The grapes are all potted to encourage them to keep growing, or in the bare roots to encourage them to wake up rather than mold.

I’m running out of space and surfaces to set things on! I can just barely squeeze between the tomatoes and grapes without damaging any of the plants.

Hurry and warm up, Wisconsin!