Cherry Pitting

I pitted my first batch of cherries, and let me tell you, if you want an axe murderer costume for Halloween? Pit some cherries.

They’re tiny little Nanking cherries, and I found that squeezing the pit out one side was the easiest way to work with them, but about every tenth cherry would squirt cherry juice, which I TRIED to aim in the bowl, but wasn’t always successful.

My finished bowl:

I put the pits in the fridge, and I’ll try to plant them, and I froze the cherries as a temporary measure until I have enough that I can make a sauce, jam, or jelly.

The splatters:

When I was done, I had brilliant red splatters dried up and down my arms, across my face and glasses, and on my (thankfully) dark brown shirt.

How do you usually prepare cherries for storage? I’m thinking I’d like a sauce that I can pour over ice cream or some such.