A Baby Nectarine Tree and Garden Updates

We bought a baby nectarine tree!

It actually arrived last week, but I was keeping it comfortable in our greenhouse while I waited for the digger’s hotline folks to mark up our property.

I definitely don’t want to be hitting anything buried when we plant things.

So, we planted it and put chicken wire around it to protect it from the bunnies. It’s a self pollinating, dwarf variety, so here’s to hoping for nectarines!

Isn’t it cute? It’s only about two feet tall.

And a garden updates photo dump for you.

Our apple trees are doing well:

The apricots are still green and growing:

The greenhouse:

The greenstalks:

The straw bales:

A zucchini:

The sunflowers and chives:

The buckwheat and amaranth:

Tomatoes and peppers:




Everything is trucking along, although I’m finding stink bugs in my vining plants, so I’ll have to look up what I can do about them. Thoughts?